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Groups of the Salesian Youth Movement are taking part in WYD  by signing up as a subgroup in a macrogroup DON BOSCO SYM.

Registration takes two steps:

Step I – the creation of subgroups. Please complete the registration form below.

After obtaining the data from registration form WYD office in Kraków will create subgroup within the macrogroup DON BOSCO SYM1. Then the system will generate
e-mail with a link to complete the registration.

 Step II – data complementation

After receiving the e-mail with a link group leader has 72 hours to complete the registration in accordance with included instruction.

You can register the group in a different way – with the diocese or individually, but in that case we have no influence of choosing a place of  your accommodation.

Groups which have been already registered and want to accommodate in salesian parishes have to contact the WYD office in Kraków to discuss the process of transferring to  SYM makrogroup.


The group can consist of maximum 150 people. So if there is more people coming from your province you need to register a second group (with different group leader ).

Members of the group must select the same language and the same type of package.

If there is just one group from the province please enter name of your Province in the field “salesian house”. If there is more than one group from the province enter name of the salesian house of the group leader.

>>> Registration Form<<<